Commercial Cleaning Cumbria

Hy5’s weekly round up


This week Hy5 Commercial Cleaning has had a very busy week, from early morning starts to full night shifts.  We have had a variety of jobs from Chip Shop duct cleaning to a full pub clean and a full restaurant extraction system and it is only Thursday!

We don’t stop at just the cleaning service we also supply full photographic reports and certificates for all extractions ducting system cleans.  You may not recognise your own ducting system once we have finished cleaning, it will almost look like new!

Below is a sample of ducting we recently cleaned in a chip shop with before and after photo’s.

commercial cleaning cumbria  cumbria commercial cleaning


The above picture (left) shows the amount of build-up grease can cause, this is what makes ducting a huge fire risk as the grease is highly flammable and can rip through the ducting system in seconds.   The picture opposite (right) is after we have cleaned the entire ducting system, massively reducing the risk of fire.  Insurance companies have started to write into their policies that outside organisations need to clean the ducting to TR19 standard and produce a photographic report and certificate of clean.  With Hy5’s newly awarded B& ES accreditation (formerly HVCA) we can advertise that our standards are to insurance companies stipulations.


If your ducting hasn’t been cleaned in the last 12 months give our head office a call on 0800 316 6280 and one of our engineer’s will come out free of charge and supply a quote for you.