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We are pleased to announce that HY5 Commercial Cleaning are B&ES (formerly HVCA) accredited for Technical & Commercial competence.  This accreditation means that HY5 Cleaning have been assessed and approved to deep clean commercial extraction systems, to the industry standard of TR/19 as stipulated by B&ES.  The TR/19 and the B&ES accreditation is the only standard recognised and accepted by insurance companies.

Our 5 Star Service includes:
 Extraction System – Deep cleaning of  – Fans, Canopy, Filters and Ducting
 Install access panels (as required by TR19)
 Risk Assessments and Method Statements prepared for each clean
 Certificate of Completion
 The possibility of reduced insurance premiums.  One of our clients has just saved £700 on their annual premium as a direct result being cleaned by ourselves to the TR19 standard.

In the UK millions of pounds are spent by insurance companies every year due to fish and chip shop fires and the area identified as being the most at risk is the extraction ducting.

Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Limited – Has the right solution for your Fish and Chip Shop Duct or Restaurant Cleaning

The accumulation of grease deposits in fish and chip shop/Restuarant extraction ducting present a significant fire hazard and Hy5 Commercial Cleaning has the solution.  No matter how efficient the extraction system or your regular cleaning programme this build up of grease is inevitable and it’s this duct system that fire can quickly take hold and when it does will spread quickly through the system and can escape into the building at any point if it collapses due to the extreme temperatures.

If you haven’t had the system professionally deep cleaned at least every 12 months and been provided with a deep cleaning certificate, then your insurance company is unlikely to settle a claim or cover your renewal due to a clause in your insurance documentation that states the cleaning intervals by a professional outside organization.

Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Limited has the right solution for your Fish and Chip Shop/Restuarant Duct Cleaning

With over 10 years in the commercial cleaning industry Hy5 are the professionals to trust.  Please look over our testimonial page and see for yourself why Hy5 are the best for the job.

Please use the below table to decide the best cleaning intervals for your duct work. The frequency depends on the usage and the vulnerability of the system to ignition please call today on 0800 316 6280  for our advice.

Heavy Use

12-16 Hours per day

3 Months


Moderate Use

6-12 Hours per day

6 Months


Light Use

2-6 Hours per day

12 Months