Commercial cleaning Cumbria

                                                                                      Septembers Newsletter



This month has been a very interesting month,  we have had 3 enormous ship deep cleans, builders clean in 14 brand new houses and a skydive!


Here at Hy5 we supply all sorts of cleaning services, which this month happened to cover 3 big war ships which were being sold to the Indonesian Navy.   We had extremely strict timescales in order to get each ship finished which were a task in itself but we finished all three ships on time.  We had some lovely feedback from the owners. 


Also this month we have performed builders and sparkle cleans on 14 brand new houses in the Cumbrian area.  These were also to tight deadlines in order for the new tenants to get in there houses.  One other job we have completed this month is vent cleaning at University of Central Lancashire, the Hy5 team must have cleaned thousands of vents in kitchens, toilets and classrooms.


One of our very own employees completed a sponsored skydive from 14000 feet in aid of Macmillian cancer research.  Keith our Managing Director sponsored Chet £100 to complete the skydive.  If you would like to donate to Macmillan please visit their website.


For all your cleaning needs please contact Hy5 for a free quotation on 01229 588556.


Thanks for reading,



The Hy5 team