Commercial cleaning Windermere

Commercial Pub Cleans

What a busy week we have had!  We are being kept extremely busy with Robinson Brewery Pubs, from canopy and ducting cleans to full pub cleans.  Currently we have a full team down in Stoke on Trent cleaning a fully refurbished pub from top to bottom!

A full pub clean consists of a full kitchen deep clean including canopy and ducting and all appliances, all accommodation private and commercial if requested, all bar areas, public toilets – Basically every square inch of the building!

We have been drafted in by Robinsons as they are re-launching the pub this Friday, in order for this to be sparkling for the new customer’s arrival to create the best possible impression.


Does your pub need deep cleaning or a full kitchen deep clean?  If so why not schedule an appointment with our office on 01229 588556 and we will send an engineer to you at an appropriate time for yourselves.