Contract cleans Cumbria

Hy5 cleaning are now taking new Contract Cleans on.  If you require a contract clean at your place of work please call 01229 588556 for a free quotation.

When it comes to offices and other commercial sites, a regular cleaning schedule is a priority. Teams of office cleaners are a familiar sight, descending on deserted offices, after the rest of the workforce has gone home at the end of the working day. However, the quality of office cleaning is not always to the standard desired, often due to poor staff training, lack of supervision or both. The cleaning providers employed are often key holders, and so may work without the oversight of company management.

Hygiene and safety are a priority for staff and visitors alike. Having a clean and tidy workplace promotes a positive company image to clients. Whilst providing a pleasant working environment for your staff thus helping to increase moral and productivity.