Ducting system cleans North west

Chip shop  and public house ducting systems


This week hy5 cleaning have had a very busy week with chip shop ducting and public house kitchens and ducting cleans.  These last few weeks the Health and hygiene inspector has been clamping down in food outlets throughout the area. This has encouraged people to conform with health and fire regulations and book their ducting clean in with a B&ES accredited company.  B&ES is the accreditation in which insurance companies specify is needed to clean extraction ducting systems to comply with their insurance regulations.

Some of the ducting systems we have cleaned this week have just been re-cleans from last year and others have been new customers found through our fantastic updated website.  Below are a few before and after pictures of the ducting systems we have cleaned this week.





It’s amazing how much grease is taken up the ducting systems and becomes the biggest fire risk to businesses.  If a fire starts off inside the system due to grease build up then the entire system and building can be gone in the space of 10 minutes – Scary really!  Then the matter of the insurance company comes in to play and if you can’t prove with your ducting report you have had your ducting cleaned by a B&ES accredited company, your insurance will be void.  Not a good position to be in.  If you feel you may be in a similar situation and would like a free quotation for the cleaning of your extraction ducting system please call us on 01229 588556/0800 316 6280.