Fire restoration – Lancaster

Hy 5 have been busy in Lancaster over the past couple of days, helping to restore and clean a building that had been left in a complete mess after a fire that happened a few weeks back – definitely one of the biggest fire-related jobs we’ve had to deal with so far.

Hy5 is one of the most experienced companies on the market today for fire restoration and smoke damage repair. In addition, all of our staff are properly trained to the highest standard, preparing them to be able to cope with all sorts of extreme conditions and situations they could be landed with.

However, if a smaller fire were to happen, such as chip pan fires, cigarette fires and single room fires, no need to worry as we also provide cleaning services for these too! But, if your property has experienced smoke damage or fire damage then partial renovation may be required.

For more information on our fire restoration services, simply contact our helpful and friendly staff on 01229 588556, who will be happy to help you and can work with your insurance company to take the hassle off your hands.