Flood Restoration

As the cold weather is now upon us let’s look at one of the flood jobs that Hy5 has done this year.

Phones 4u in Blackpool had a sprinkler system malfunction.

Hy5’s Managing Director Mr Keith Simm said ‘time is of the essence on all commercial work as down time is so critical to avoid’. ‘Hy5 was onsite with the Hydramaster water removal machine and we removed all of the sitting water before any secondary damage started to take effect’. ‘Hy5 cleaned-up all of the debris; applied antifungal sanitiser to all of the water affected areas and completed the drying program all before opening time’.

This was obviously a job well done and Hy5 performed fantastically to avoid the chance of both secondary water damage and the need for the shop to close. Hy5 has many years experience in all aspects of flood restoration and one call handles it all. Hy5 will work with your insurance company to make sure no time is wasted in getting the problem sorted. Hy5 also project manages all building and decoration works so you have no need to spend a lot of your valuable time sorting these out. The bonus for you is that Hy5 has the experience, knowhow and contacts to get you back on your feet before you know it.

Hy5 were onsite immediately.

  • Removal of standing water
  • Removal of debris
  • Applications of sanitiser
  • Drying program

Specialist equipment used

  • Hydramaster machine
  • Floor polishing tool         
  • Anti fungal sanitiser
  • Air movers/dryers
  • Dehumidifiers

If you’ve been effected by flood or water damage then one call sorts it all, call our friendly knowable staff on 0800 316 6280

Hy5 made sure that all work was finished before opening time so Phones 4U had no loss of trade