Hy5 Commercial Cleaning’s Summer placement Scheme

Work Placement at Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Ltd.


Hello, my name is Jamie Simm and I have spent an interesting 6 weeks working for HY5 Commercial Cleaning on a work placement scheme as a  Media and Networking Administrator. I was based at the Head Office at New Market Street Business Centre, Ulverston, Cumbria.

I worked alongside the General Manager…Christine Harrison and Business Executive, Anna Hull, who were both extremely helpful and friendly. I was assigned many exciting tasks to keep me occupied throughout the day which I always looked forward to and I hopefully carried out to my best ability. Some of these tasks included: blogging; social-networking; filing; organising and creating website videos. I also took part in some of the web-page layout discussions and I was very involved with the final decisions which were very rewarding.

We’ve all had a jam-packed week this week. Hy5 have been exceedingly busy with multiple carpet cleans, chip-shop duct cleaning and the industrial cleaning of a large warehouse. We truly are a multi-talented company indeed! The website is also being regularly adjusted and improved with different page layouts; not to mention the FaceBook and Twitter accounts being updated frequently with our new fabulous offers and discounts. Follow us on Twitter here at https://twitter.com/hy5cleaning or like our FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hy5-Commercial-Cleaning/514417325345898?fref=ts.

I enjoyed my time at HY5 and it was so interesting the amount of diverse things they do. In their words, they are indeed…..The Clever Cleaning Company.

For more information, give us a call on 0800 316 6280; email us at info@hy5cleaning.co.uk or visit our website: www.hy5cleaning.co.uk


By Jamie Simm,

Media and Networking Administrator,

Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Ltd.

Tel: 0800 316 6280

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