Hy5 expands its knowledge base!

It seems like a strange question but – ‘if you could get free help, would you?’

Hy5 are happy to announce that it has embarked on the Unite with Business program – it’s a free business support programme that adds value and skills to almost any business. Hy5 have taken on with the help of the program a database developer for a full month for free!

If something seems too good to be true then unfortunately in this day and age it usually is, but on this occasion with the help of the incredible Ewan Pullan who is the Project Manager with the Business School at the University of Cumbria the implausible becomes reality. The whole experience couldn’t have been better. Ewan sorted out the descriptor, advert, helped short listing the candidates and was even there to help with the interview process. The whole experience couldn’t have been better and if you have a business that employees less than 200 people and you’re in the Northwest of England then I’m sure one of the University of Cumbria’s Business Placements Service workers would love to hear from you.

Hy5’s brief was simple but needed expert knowledge the type of knowledge that on the open market would have cost many thousands of pounds (I researched this and rates are around £750 per day!). With Ewan Pullan sourcing the funding for the project and the potential staff all Hy5 had to do was after an initial interview with Ewan, attend the interviews for the appointment.

The quality of the interviewees was exceptional – it really was a very close and hard decision to make and Hy5 would like to thank everyone that came for interviews the standard was so high it was the most difficult part of this experience!

Best kept secret!

If you had a magic key that could open a door others couldn’t would you let them use it?

At Hy5 we like to share good experiences to better the local economy and that’s why we’ve put this on our blog and will be telling our contacts for years to come, I expect some businesses may not want to share this offer due to wanting to maintain market dominance or fear of others bettering them. Hy5 wants all businesses to contact the Business Placements Service at the University of Cumbria if you have a skills shortage – this could be web design, marketing, research, programming in fact almost anything that students could be studying for you could tap straight into! There cost to you is only your time so if you feel this is something you want to pursue contact the team today on 01228 616315 or send an email to jobsandplacements@cumbria.ac.uk.

What is a Business Placement?

If you need short term assistance with a specific project e.g. updating your website or doing some market research then the business placement service is for you. You can employ an undergraduate, full-time or part-time, at any time of year for between 2 and 13 weeks.

What are you waiting for? Call today 01228 616315.

Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Ltd would like to thank Ewan and his team for an excellent job well done!