Octobers Newsletter – Commercial cleaning Cumbria

Well this year is flying by, and we are in October already!  If you are thinking about getting the house ready for Christmas and would like a sofa, rug or carpet cleaned call the office and get booked in.  Prices can be given over the phone for these types of jobs.


September was a busy month for us, we had lots of kitchen cleans and ducting cleans.  Some with a 5am start!  The majority will probably agree there should only be one 5 o clock in the day, but we realise that some of our clients in pubs and restaurants need us to recognise the second 5 o’clock  too and we always aim to please.  If your kitchen or ducting is ready for a clean, please ring the office on 01229 588556.


We are also in the process of having a new website built, this should be going live soon.  We will let you all know the official date soon!



For all your cleaning needs please contact Hy5 for a free quotation on 01229 588556.


Thanks for reading,



The Hy5 team