Office Carpet Cleaning

• Best prices, Best Service

• Professional ‘5 Star’ deep steam cleaning

• Makes carpets look like new

• Stains don’t re-appear

• Touch dry within one hour

• Carpets stay cleaner for longer

• No carpets are too dirty for us!

• We work around your working times

Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Limited has over 10 years industry experience in all aspects of office carpet cleaning, this kind of experience is essential in tailoring the right solution to your needs.

Every quote has a full site appraisal with expected start and completion dates including fixed costs so you can be sure we can come in on time and budget.

Our office carpet cleaning includes –

• Deep carpet cleaning using hot water extraction
• Germs & Mites are instantly eliminated after one clean
• Spot and stain removal
• We use an advanced safe cleaning system for all carpet and carpet tiles
• Powerful vacuum systems mean freshly cleaned carpets dry quicker without being unnecessarily saturated
• Safeguard stain protector helps repel & protect from future stains including oil spills
• Guaranteed no shrinkage with our system
• No carpet shrinkage

Hy5 uses the £15,000.00 Hydramaster van mounted system – this is cutting edge technology at its best.

As everyone knows keeping your business clean is an essential part of running a successful business. In the UK millions of pounds are spent unnecessarily by companies every year replacing carpets that if cared for by regular deep cleaning and protecting with stain guard would have prolonged the life of the fabric. This makes fantastic financial sense as well as being great for the environment.

The most important element for keeping your carpets clean has to be the human element (your employees, prospective and current customers). Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Limited suggests that all carpets should be deep cleaned and stained guarded by a professional office carpet deep cleaning company at least once every year. This prolongs the life of the carpet and ultimately saves you money by prolonging the lifetime of your carpet.

The accumulation of dead skin, grease, dirt, germs, mites and dust gets ground into the fibres of the carpet and Hy5 Commercial Cleaning has the solution. No matter how efficient the regular cleaning programme is this build up of grease and grime is inevitable and it’s this grime that destroys the fibres of the fabric and prematurely ages the carpet.

If you haven’t had your carpet professionally deep cleaned by a professional company in the last 12months then call Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Limited today for the deepest clean and the best prices call 0800 296 6220.

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