Flood Damage Restoration Warning – Record Breaking Winter Predicted

Reported weather forecasts this winter are set to be record breaking with some forecasts predicting below -20C before Christmas.


With energy bills already taking their toll on disposable incomes James Madden who is a UK Long Range Forecaster for Exacta Weather is requesting that the elderly and most vulnerable are sufficiently prepared for this cold snap.

There are simple measures that can be prepared for now to stop the big freeze from catching you and your loved ones by surprise. The government website recommends keeping your home warm to around 18-21°C (64-70°F) in the main living area and the rest of the house to at least 16°C (61°F). Keeping the heat in with proper insulation for your walls and attic space will keep your house warmer for longer and keep your heating costs down as well.

On average for less than £20 the fitting of draught-proofing along any gaps around windows and doors is a great way of keeping the warmth in. The website goes onto detail a good idea that won’t cost anything is to dress warmly by wearing plenty of thin layers, rather than one thick one. It also states if you have had a serious illness or are aged over 65 or are pregnant you should get the annual flu jab by contacting your GP.

Every winter in the UK, 25,00-30,000 deaths are linked to the cold weather states the NHS website so if you are worried about a relative or an elderly neighbor you can call the free Age UK advice line on 0800 169 6565.

County Council

Cumbria County Council is said to have already set aside £3.9m to keep vital roads open as some forecasts are predicting the coldest winter on record. This will be the third successive severe winter and it’s predicted to break all records for the severity, length and snow fall.

Mr Keith Simm of Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Ltd who specializes in flood damage restoration said ‘last year’s cold snap caught many by surprise, but all of us at Hy5 want everyone to be aware that the forecast for this year’s winter is to be a record breaker and much worse than last year’.

The winter of 2010 saw Hy5 attended many properties in Cumbria and Lancashire that had burst pipes and heavy water damage due to the cold snap. The devastation that the flood clean-up, drying, rebuilding and redecoration that the water damage caused to the families are almost beyond belief.

Mr Keith Simm went on to say ‘make sure all of your water pipes are sufficiently insulated and keep the heating on when temperatures drop. If you don’t the water inside the pipes can freeze, this expands and then breaks a hole in the pipe letting the water run freely into your home. On one flood clean-up Hy5 attended in 2010 the water pipe that broke was at the header tank in the loft space.

This break in the pipe completely flooded the property over two days with hundreds of thousand of liters of water totally destroying the property and the lives of the family who lived there.

The family had to go into rented accommodation whilst Hy5 worked with the insurance company to remove all of the water, sanitize the property, remove all damaged and beyond economical repair belongings, rebuild and decorate this once family home’.

He went onto say ‘this wouldn’t have been necessary if the water pipe had of been sufficiently insulated and the heating had of been left on’.
Hy5 have invested heavily in cutting edge dehumidifiers and drying technology so any problems this year can be rectified in the shortest time possible, if you are unlucky enough to suffer water damage this year Hy5 will work with your insurance company to get you back on your feet in the shortest time possible and can be contacted on 0800 316 6280.

The Perfect Storm

According to James Madden of Exacta Weather the time is right for the perfect winter storm of cold weather. It’s not good news for the future either he goes onto write with the ever decreasing jet stream that brings warm weather fronts to the UK and Europe the low solar activity with sun spot activity miniscule compared with what they should and the Icelandic volcanic eruptions it’s not going to get any better in the near future.

The volcanic activity creates something similar to a massive mirror across the Northern hemisphere and this acts like a massive mirror reflecting valuable heat from the sun away from the Earth that would have entered our atmosphere warming it up.

He goes on to write that the UK will without a doubt see progressively worsening winters due to its latitude, it’s not good news if you were contemplating moving South for the winter as apparently so will other European countries that previously had more clement climates as they benefited from these valuable heat sources as well.

Temptation To Turn It Off

It’s tempting to turn the heating off when you leave your property but if the temperatures are going to be the worst ever many thousands of properties in the area won’t be able to cope causing massive damage and disruption to many families and possibly your own.

So if you are going away during the cold spell remember to leave the heating on, and make sure your property and pipes are all sufficiently insulated. Remember to keep in touch with the elderly and most vulnerable and make sure they are sufficiently prepared by following these previous simple steps.

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