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Upholstery cleaning.

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Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Limited’s Platinum Care Package for upholstery cleaning.

• Professional ‘5 Star’ Deep Cleaning Of Upholstery
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Hy5 Commercial Cleaning is proud to introduce you to the Platinum Care Package for upholstery.

As everyone knows keeping your business clean is an essential part of running a successful business. In the UK millions of pounds are spent unnecessarily by companies every year replacing upholstery that if cared for by regular deep cleaning and protecting with stain guard would have prolonged the life of the fabric. This makes fantastic financial sense as well as being great for the environment.

Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Limited – Has the right solution for your Upholstery Cleaning

The most important element for keeping your upholstery clean has to be the human element (the customer). Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Limited suggests that all upholstery should be deep cleaned and stained guarded by a professional deep cleaning company at least once every year. This prolongs the life of the upholstery and ultimately saves you money by prolonging the lifetime of your upholstery.

The accumulation of dead skin, grease, dirt and dust gets ground into the fibres of the upholstery and Hy5 Commercial Cleaning has the solution. No matter how efficient the regular cleaning programme is this build up of grease and grime is inevitable and it’s this grime that destroys the fibres of the fabric and prematurely ages the upholstery.

If you haven’t had your upholstery professionally deep cleaned by a professional company in the last 12months then call Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Limited today for the deepest clean and the best prices call 0800 296 6220.

Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Limited – Has the right solution for your Upholstery Cleaning

With over 10 years in the commercial cleaning industry Hy5 are the professionals to trust. Please look over our testimonial page http://www.hy5cleaning.co.uk/hy5-testimonials.htm and see for yourself why Hy5 are the best for the job.

Please use the below table to decide the best cleaning intervals for your upholstery. The frequency depends on the usage and the fabric please call today on 0800 294 6220 for our advice.

Heavy Use – 12-16 Hours per day – 6 Months
Moderate Use – 6-12 Hours per day – 9 Months
Light Use – 2-6 Hours per day – 12 Months