Vent cleaning – Cumbria

This week the Hy5 team are cleaning all the vents in a large local high school/Sixth Form College, which are in every single toilet and kitchen in every building! This could well be one of the biggest jobs we have ever had to compete.

We can deal with both the supply and extraction cycles in any kind of ventilation and air conditioning system, here at Hy 5, customizing our approach to the particular environment in which the system exists.

Whatever your concern whether it’s the fire risk of grease in a commercial kitchen, or simply the health of the people around you we can help you find a satisfactory answer.

Do you have a building which has vent ducts that need cleaning?  Why not get the Hy5 team to clean them?  We are fast, efficient, and also have a competitive pricing structure!

Give us a call today on 01229 588556.